This journey travelled by many of one
With irrational ideas of what is to come
The future unknown, for failure exists
Each declining death has a different twist
Why are mountains climbed only to descend
Our void goals never reached before the end
Unlimited distractions
For with reality no one can cope
If we thrive on our dreams
We will drown in our hopes



Consume this moment
For it is all we have

Springs of the present
Quickly slip!
… into memories pool.

Grasp and savor
The texture of time

Youth require
Elderly regret
A smile and a sigh
The blink of an eye
A fading cry
Everyone will forget



Fabricating lines as cracks of skin ripple
In waves of fortune telling folds
This hand – a marvel unknown unto itself
Weaving marks concieved of the sexual union rubbings
Between tree guts and lead
Both dead?

Oh life –
You wild thing
Churning your relentless revolutions
Heart beats –
And beats –
And beats –
And breaks into cascading sun moons of mind forming matter forming mind forming matter
Endlessly digesting endlessly processing


A sprawling river of birds
Galactic tornadoes of song
Being sucked
Down this drain
A liquid crystal thoughtform rollercoaster

Row, row, row this illusion
As hard as you like