I Sing the Body Electric

Open Technology


We are technology.

The tools we use are a part of our nature and what we create with them defines our lives.

The best tools available are versatile, flexible, and strong. To build wonderful things and to solve hard problems, we need tools which “work for us.”

We need devices which we can completely use, manage, modify, and share with others. Anything in our lives that is beyond our control, controls us. These principles apply to any level of technology, from garden tools to artificial intelligence.


Open Source == Open World


As we evolve, our systems become increasingly complex, subtle, delicate, yet powerful. Our machines continue to advance into greater levels of automation and abilities. In conjunction with this accelerating capacity is an expanding and critical responsibility.

We must be careful what we choose. We must choose wisely. Whatever processes we put into motion will increasingly amplify our core visions and goals. What kind of world do we want? What kind of life are we creating?

Let’s work together to build a world with more sharing, prosperity, and freedom for all of us. As always, we must “be the change” we want to see. If we take good care of ourselves and each other, we will indeed continue to progress towards higher levels of collective well being.

First, we “sort ourselves out,” then we reach out to support others.

This is the way.