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Body Hacking

Health is the essence of life itself, providing a foundation for all of our experiences.

Maintaining health is a balance, a dance, an ongoing practice of introspection meets action.

Here are some powerful “body hacking” tools:


  1. Diet – Whole natural foods are ideal for a human body, which evolved from ancient times eating primarily plants, animals, and fruits. Saturated fats, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and probiotic fermented foods are key to a strong immune system, as well as optimal organ function.

    Highly strengthening foods are bone stock soups, dark leafy greens, pink sea salts, seaweeds, dark mushrooms, raw garlic, fresh rosemary, ginger, lemon, or anything bitter, such as coffee or chocolate.

    We are part of nature and remain dependent upon traditional elements for our survival.

    A “native diet” is what our bodies need.


  3. Cleaning – Friction is the most effective cleaning force, removing dirt, microorganisms, and excess skin. A hard brush or abrasive cloth is optimal for scrubbing the body, either wet or dry. Dry scrubs can be very purifying, removing layers of dead skin and opening pores, which improves physical circulation.

    Soap can actually weaken our defenses, by removing vital protective oils.

    Coconut oil makes a perfect toothpaste.


    Using coconut oil as a toothpaste and mouthwash.


  5. Activity – Stretching regularly is critical to maintain muscle health, joint flexibility, and blood flow. Movement is vital for total body fitness and mental clarity.

    Walking, martial arts, biking, dance, and yoga are all wonderful options for daily excercise.


  7. Rest – Our complex and busy brains need breaks! Meditation, silence, and sleep are all extremely healing. Inactivity boosts productivity. Conscious relaxation improves all of our abilities.

  9. Clothing – Protection from weather elements, physical comfort, and moisture absorption are some core key functions of our clothes. A three-layered approach to our wardrobe is a solid strategy which enables a high degree of flexibility.

    Our first and inner clothing layer should be soft, as well as breathable. Cotton, bamboo, hemp, or anything plant based is an ideal choice.

    Our second clothing layer should provide warmth and comfort, while acting as regular indoor wear. Fleece fabric is one fine option for this.

    Our third layer should shield from extreme weather, acting as a waterproof outdoor environmental barrier, as well as provide a number of pockets for objects we need to carry.

    The more pockets, the better!

  10. Using a coconut brush for wet and dry body scrubs.


  11. Breath Awareness – As long as we live, we breathe. Practicing awareness of breath calms our mind, creates focus, and brings attention to sensations, which ultimately connects our consciousness with everything.

    Breath awareness keeps us grounded in the present moment, experiencing this immediate reality, and enables us to remain more relaxed.


  13. Posture – Maintaining ideal posture is vital. Much of our health and state of mind is determined by how we sit, how we stand, and how we walk.

    It is time for all of us to work on restoring our natural posture.

    Find your perfect balance!


  15. Be Creative! – Do something! Anything! Clean, cook, think, write, sing, dance, whatever!

    Express yourself. Become whatever you desire.

    Do what you enjoy! 😎


Here is my self-healing story: