Body Hacking

Health is the essence of life itself, providing a foundation for all of our experiences. Maintaining health is a balance, a dance, an ongoing practice of introspection meets action. Here are some powerful “body hacking” tools:   Diet – Whole natural foods are ideal for a human body, which evolved from ancient times eating primarily plants, animals, and fruits. Saturated fats, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and probiotic fermented foods … More >>

11+ Awesome Open Source Apps

  Open source means less bugs, greater security, no spyware, no ads, no fees, no control, no nonsense.   Android users should try the wonderful free software repository named F-Droid. iOS users should view the Collaborative List of Open-Source iOS Apps. Windows users can install many of these applications automatically using Ninite.   1. Firefox – This blog article is being written in WordPress using Firefox. Many years … More >>

Backup With Open Source Software

Backups are critical! Losing valuable files can be quite painful. Maintaining and regularly updating external copies of your data is vital for preservation. The more versions, backup media formats, and physical storage locations, the better. File systems are best copied or cloned when not booted or busy with an operating system active on it. This means that running a live portable operating system is ideal for managing backups. … More >>

Passwords & Security

  It’s a digital jungle “in here.” Those good-old lax internet days are over. Attacks are increasing regularly, with online bots constantly scanning any potential openings and exploiting any outdated vulnerable code. It is critical that we all secure our systems, logins, and sensitive data. This is a challenge, as the volume of our information grows along with our expanding electronic activities. We also need to keep everything … More >>

Open Technology

  We are technology. The tools we use are a part of our nature and what we create with them defines our lives. The best tools available are versatile, flexible, and strong. To build wonderful things and to solve hard problems, we need tools which “work for us.” We need devices which we can completely use, manage, modify, and share with others. Anything in our lives that is … More >>